IMPORTANT! New Meeting Location and other notes for Dec 18

The December 18, 2011 TwinLUG meeting will NOT be at the Rondo Community Library!

Unfortunately the Rondo Community Library has other needs for the other half of the conference room that we normally have our meetings in and so we have decided to change venues. Thankfully our friends at Brickmania and GMLTC have very kindly offered the use of their space for our monthly meetings and we have decided to make the move for this upcoming meeting.

Directions to the new site can be found on the GMLTC site using this link.

Additionally we are planning on having a parts draw for a couple of small sets this weekend. If you are interested in participating in the parts draw PLEASE say so on the mailing list by Friday December 16th so we can acquire adequate supplies. The set or sets is still being determined.

As always, for the most up to date information please join our email list hosted by Yahoo Groups for the latest information about current activities.