Micropolis v1.1 Published

After several months of work and discussion by members of TwinLUG we have finalized the next version of the Micropolis micro city building standard.

While there have been essentially no changes to the base module specification we have taken the opportunity to add several new module types to the spec to allow for extending a Micropolis layout back into the hills and out into the water. The new Bluff module types provide a structured way to add terrain to the city and can be used effectively to help a crowded layout show off those gems that might be hidden in the shadow of those gorgeous towers. The new Waterfront module types provide a similar way to extend the city out into lakes, oceans, rivers, and beyond or to reconfigure your existing layout as an exotic archipelago. Combining these two new module types will provide opportunities for more complex and varied displays sure to draw the interest of any bystander.

We look forward to seeing new modules using the 1.1 specification at BrickWorld 2010 along with your creativity in the older Base modules. Be sure to mark your modules as part of the Micropolis Collaborative Display in your registration information!

Also be on the look out for a new contest hosted by our good friend Chris Doyle at ReasonablyClever.com! Plenty of great prizes will be available for your creations!