Next TwinLUG Meeting: Sunday December 18, 2011 UPDATED!

The location for TwinLUG meetings has changed! More information here.

The next full TwinLUG meeting will be 1:30PM Sunday December 18, 2011 at Brickmania in Minneapolis, MN. BrickMania is located at 1620 Central Ave NE in Suite 177. Their phone number is 612-545-5263 though it is unclear if anyone will be answering the phone on Sunday. More information and directions can be found at the GMLTC site.

  • Ron Wightman

    Thining about attending a meeting (first), coming from Rochester.  What is on the agenda for this meeting, just so I know…

  • Gedanielson

    Ron – we are pretty sure on moving the meeting to the Brickmania site on the 18th. This will be premanent. I asked the group about it but no one commented back. I will ask again today. You might check the Yahoo group page for the club.

    If you haven’t been tp Brickmania/GMLTC before check out this link for directions.

  • Ron Wightman

    got it,, thanks.