Thanks to everyone at KidsFest and MCBA Springcon!

TwinLUG would like to thank everyone who stopped by our tables at both KidsFest in Minneapolis and the MCBA Springcon in Saint Paul this weekend. We really enjoyed showing off all of our creations and hope you enjoyed them as well! For those of you out driving in the terrible weather this weekend, we hope that you all arrived home safely and that you were not effected by the storms.

Our next show will be BrickWorld in Chicago in June, but hopefully we will have a chance to do a show or two in the Twin Cities again later this year.

If you are interested in seeing more photos of our creations please check out our Flickr Group where you can see things we have built recently and also in the past.

For the the teens and adults who are interested in coming to a meeting to see what the club is all about, our next regular meeting is on Sunday June 12, 2011 at the Rondo Community Library in Saint Paul, Minnesota. If you are a young teen, please be sure to bring a parent or guardian with you until we get to know you better.