Next TwinLUG Meeting: Sunday February 21, 2010

The next full TwinLUG meeting will be 1:30PM Sunday February 21, 2010 at the Rondo Community library in St Paul, MN. The library is located at 461 N. Dale Street. Please check the board at the desk to find out which meeting rooms we will be in this time.

  • Kelly Reed Schuerman

    Are your meetings open to the public? I’d love to come some time but live too far away to be there regularly and a full-time member of the LUG. Thanks.

  • Absolutely public. It’s a treat when new people drop in. Lately it’s been getting to the point that I’m wondering if we need to start using name tags at the meetings.

    We’re always glad to hear from people, even if you can’t always make it to a meeting. There are several people we call friends (and also members 🙂 ) that can’t make it every month or even every few months.

    The best way to keep in touch with the group and find about what we’re planning for the next meeting is via the yahoo groups mailing list at (Though I think we just turned on first-time user moderation to cut down on the spam. I’ll try and keep an eye out for you there.) Barring that, I did update the site so new meeting notices should get posted the week after the previous meeting.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again!