Meeting Notes from 11/16/2008

Garth has once again posted to the mailing list a nice round up for the most recent meeting.

I would just like to amplify his comment about Tom’s Micropolis module, which is an incredibly gorgeous replica of the “Old Main” building from Hamline University. Hopefully we’ll be able to get pictures at some point to share.

Thanks again for everyone who showed up and joined in the fun of the parts draw and the general conversation.

  • Breanne

    I don’ t mean to lurk, but I have a Google news alert that sends me a link whenever sites mention “Hamline.” I work at the university in its marketing communications office and I’d love to see a photo of this lego Old Main! It sounds amazing!

  • I’ve gone ahead and mentioned your comment to the builder directly so hopefully he can contact you about the model. Thanks for saying something, I’m certain you will be impressed.