Micropolis at the Mall of America

At the August meeting, TwinLUG member Max suggested that the group attempt to build parts of a Micro scale city for the October meeting that we might want to display for public events and etc. After much discussion about the design details and a month of inventive building the first TwinLUG MicroCity was assembled during the September meeting. After the meeting several intrepid members installed the MOC, now dubbed “Micropolis” in a display case at the Lego Imagination Center store at the Mall of America for everyone to enjoy.

TwinLUG member Garth has posted a great entry in his blog about the model along with pictures of the assembled display.

We hope to be posting a detailed spec for others wanting to build their own modules and cities compatible with our design.

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  • Ted


    I saw the post on MicroBricks about your Micropolis. It looks great.

    Our LUG has been talking about a group microscale build and we would sure love to see your specs before we decide how to proceed.

    Ted Godwin, Chief Blockhead
    Victoria LEGO Users Group

  • We have finally published the spec! Have a look at http://twinlug.com/micropolis-micro-city-standard/